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SCO Zombie McBride’s New Plan For World Litigation

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eldavojohn writes “Years after you thought it was all over, Groklaw is reporting that Darl McBride (ex-CEO of SCO) has formed a new company that is buying SCO’s mobile business for peanuts — but he’s also going to get ‘certain Intellectual Property’ with the deal. You may recall that McBride was the brains behind the Linux lawsuits that SCO launched and it appears he may be orchestrating an exit route where he escapes with some IP intact, in order to wreak havoc once again. Hopefully this is the part at the end of the movie where the zombie comes back to life one last time only to have the hero deliver the final final blow. When this news broke upon the investment world, SCO’s stock skyrocketed a blistering 11%, bringing it up seven cents to a full seventy cents — a level which it has not achieved since 2007.”

Source: SCO Zombie McBride’s New Plan For World Litigation

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