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Tracking Water Molecules Could Unlock Secrets

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ScienceDaily is reporting that several new discoveries about the simple molecule of water have kicked off a surge in research that scientists believe could lead to solving some of the world’s most tricky problems from agriculture to cancer. “Understanding how individual water molecules maneuver in a system to form fleeting tetrahedral structures and how changing physical conditions such as temperatures and pressures affect the amount of disorder each imparts on that system may help scientists understand why certain substances, like drugs used in chemotherapy, are soluble in water and why some are not. It could also help understand how this changing network of bonds and ordering of local tetrahedrality between water molecules changes the nature of protein folding and degradation. ‘Understanding hydrophobicity, and how different conditions change it, is probably one of the most fundamental components in understanding how proteins fold in water and how different biomolecules remain stable in it,’ says Kumar. ‘And if we understand this, we will not only have a new way of thinking about physics and biology but also a new way to approach health and disease.’”

Source: Tracking Water Molecules Could Unlock Secrets

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