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When PC Ports of Console Games Go Wrong

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An post up at Gamasutra complains about the lack of effort put into the PC ports of some console games. The author picks on the unimpressively-reviewed Ninja Blade in particular: “Just as a quick guide to what we’re dealing with here: when you create a new save file at the start of Ninja Blade on the PC, it warns you not to ‘turn off your console.’ Yes, Ninja Blade is one of those conversions: not so much converted as made to perfunctorily run on a different machine. In-game, you’re asked to press A, B, X and Y in various sequences as part of Ninja Blade’s extraordinary abundance of quick-time events. Whether you have an Xbox 360 pad plugged in or not, the game captions these button icons with text describing the PC equivalent controls. Only it doesn’t always do that. Sometimes, you’re left staring at a giant, pulsating, green letter A, and no idea what to do with it.” What awful ports have you had the misfortune to experience?

Source: When PC Ports of Console Games Go Wrong

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