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Microsoft Says It Never Meant To Knock Cryptome Offline

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CWmike writes “Microsoft withdrew on Thursday its demand that Cryptome.org yank the ‘Microsoft Global Criminal Spy Guide’ document from the site, and said it had never intended for the whistleblower’s domain to be knocked off the Web. ‘In this case, we did not ask that this site be taken down, only that Microsoft copyrighted content be removed,’ said a Microsoft spokeswoman. ‘We are requesting to have the site restored and are no longer seeking the document’s removal.’ The document, a 17-page guide to law enforcement on how to obtain information about users of Microsoft’s online services, including its Windows Live Hotmail, the Xbox Live gaming network and its Windows Live SkyDrive storage service, was published by John Young, who runs Cryptome.org, on Feb. 20. Earlier this week, Microsoft demanded that Young remove the document from his site, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When Young refused, his Internet provider shut down the site, and Network Solutions, the registrar of Young’s domain, put a ‘legal lock’ on the domain name. The last prevented him from transferring the URL to another ISP. Computerworld blogger Preston Gralla dug into the document today in his ‘Leaked Microsoft intelligence document: Here’s what Microsoft will reveal to police about you’ post.”

Source: Microsoft Says It Never Meant To Knock Cryptome Offline

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