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Latvian “Robin Hood” Hacker Leaks Bank Details

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eldavojohn writes “Move over Russell Crowe, an anonymous hacker in Latvia is being hailed as a real life modern Robin Hood. The hacker refers to himself as ‘Neo,’ claims allegiance with the Fourth Awakening People’s Army and is outing banks that are capitalizing off of the horrible economic status Latvia is currently suffering from. No word on how he is acquiring the information but it is slowly being leaked to TV sources via Twitter and the common people love him. The hacker is thought to be based in Britain but a TV reporter pointed out the fine line neo is walking, ‘On the one hand of course he has stolen confidential data … and he actually has committed a crime. But at the same time there is value for the public in the sense that now a lot of information gets disclosed and the whole system maybe becomes a little more transparent.’ An example of a juicy tidbit he revealed is that managers of a Latvian bank did not take the salary cuts they promised they would after the government bailed them out of economic trouble. You can imagine that taxpayers were upset and thankful they knew this information.”

Source: Latvian “Robin Hood” Hacker Leaks Bank Details

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