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The Grown-Up Video Game

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Phaethon360 writes “Now, more than ever, we’re seeing many Mature ratings (M+, 17+, 18) being distributed by various national media regulators. But that isn’t the only indicator for a game’s intended audience. It doesn’t take a thousand swear words, scantily clad women or gratuitous violence to differentiate a ten-year-old’s game from a twenty-year-old’s. The spectrum of human emotions encompasses a wider palette than just revenge, fear, and loss, but the games that shy away from these are frequently mistaken as being for a younger audience. From the article: ‘The human experience is one that is made up of great hardship, pain, loss, death, and a multitude of experiences seemingly designed to destroy a person. However, that same experience is also filled with joy, love, laughter, family and friends. … These so-called “grown-up” games need not be relegated to the category of niche gaming. In fact, at times we find that these video games are capable of reaching mass popularity among the gaming community. It is here that we find one of our generation’s outlets for the expression of conflict.’”

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