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Windows 7 Memory Usage Critic Outed As Fraud

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A few days ago, we ran word of a report alleging that Windows 7 consumed more memory than it should, based on a report from Devil Mountain Software; a followup post linked to Ars Technica’s robust deconstruction of that claim. Now the story gets weird: Fred Flowers writes The original story quoted the company’s CTO, Craig Barth on the issue. Now, InfoWorld editor in chief Eric Knorr has still more to add. From Knorr’s blog at InfoWorld.com: ‘On Friday, Feb. 19, we discovered that one of our contributors, Randall C. Kennedy, had been misrepresenting himself to other media organizations as Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software (aka exo.performance.network), in interviews for a number of stories regarding Windows and other Microsoft software topics. … There is no Craig Barth.’ Knorr’s post goes on to say that Kennedy has been fired from his blogging gig at InfoWorld over this ‘serious breach of trust,’ and that his blog will be removed.”

Source: Windows 7 Memory Usage Critic Outed As Fraud

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