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Researchers Say Women Secretly Desire Hairy Geeks

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jasper_amsterdam writes “The Daily Mail has a story about a study looking into women’s preference for men. More specifically, about how women say they want one kind of man, but really want another. From the article: ‘Most women claim to be attracted to tall, dark and handsome men, but a new study has revealed that facial stubble and a geeky personality are their biggest secret turn-ons. Despite complaining that it looks unkempt and feels rough to touch, the unshaven look on a man is actually a turn-on for 41 per cent of women. A slightly geeky personality came second, proving that women really do like a guy who knows their stuff when it comes to technology. A hairy chest was voted third, followed by a man who loves to read or cries at a soppy film.’”

Source: Researchers Say Women Secretly Desire Hairy Geeks

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