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“Limited Edition” SSD Has Fastest Storage Speed

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Vigile writes “The idea of having a ‘Limited Edition’ solid state drive might seem counter intuitive but regardless of the naming, the new OCZ Vertex LE is based on the new Sandforce SSD controller that promises significant increases in performance, along with improved ability to detect and correct errors in the data stored in flash. While the initial Sandforce drive was called the “Vertex 2 Pro” and included a super-capacitor for data integrity the Vertex LE drops that feature to improve cost efficiency. In PC Perspective’s performance tests, the drive was able to best the Intel X25-M line in file creation and copying duties, had minimal fragmentation or slow down effects and was very competitive in IOs per second as well. It seems that current SSD manufacturers are all targeting Intel and the new Sandforce controller is likely the first to be up to the challenge.”

Source: “Limited Edition” SSD Has Fastest Storage Speed

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