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86% of Windows 7 PCs Maxing Out Memory

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CWmike writes “Citing data from Devil Mountain Software’s community-based Exo.performance.network (XPnet), Craig Barth, the company’s chief technology officer, said that new metrics reveal an unsettling trend. On average, 86% of Windows 7 machines in the XPnet pool are regularly consuming 90%-95% of their available RAM, resulting in slow-downs as the systems were forced to increasingly turn to disk-based virtual memory to handle tasks. The 86% mark for Windows 7 is more than twice the average number of Windows XP machines that run at the memory ‘saturation’ point, and this comes despite more RAM being available on most Windows 7 machines. ‘This is alarming,’ Barth said of Windows 7 machines’ resource consumption. ‘For the OS to be pushing the hardware limits this quickly is amazing. Windows 7 is not the lean, mean version of Vista that you may think it is.’”

Source: 86% of Windows 7 PCs Maxing Out Memory

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