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Meteorite Contains Complex Organic Molecules

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An anonymous reader writes “Previously unknown organic molecules have been discovered in a 100 kg meteorite that hit Australia in 1969, suggesting that our early Solar System contained a soup of highly complex organic chemistry long before life appeared. Quoting: ‘According to [the study's lead author], the newly discovered compounds in the Murchison meteorite “may have contributed to the organic complexity of the early “soup” that led to the development of life on Earth. The findings also suggest that extraterrestrial chemical diversity surpasses that found on Earth. The meteor probably passed through primordial clouds in the early solar system, accumulating organic molecules in a snowball effect along the way. By tracing the sequence of organic molecules in the meteorite, researchers believe they may also be able to create a timeline for their formation and alteration since the early days of our solar system. ‘”

Source: Meteorite Contains Complex Organic Molecules

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