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Wikileaks and Iceland MPs Propose Journalism Haven

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geegel sends word that Iceland could become a journalism haven if a proposal put forward by some Icelandic MPs, aided by Wikileaks, succeeds. Julian Assange, editor of Wikileaks, said that the idea is to “try and reform Iceland’s media law to be a very attractive jurisdiction for investigative journalists.” The article notes one area in which supporters of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative need to tread carefully: “…the troubles of the financial sector may lead some Icelanders to be sceptical of efforts to transform their country and [one supporter] is aware of the need not to make exaggerated claims.” A British opponent of the idea (and supporter of the UK’s draconian libel laws) is quoted: “The provisions allowing defendants to counter-sue ‘libel tourists’ in their home courts could transform the humble Icelander into a legal superman, virtually untouchable abroad for comment written — and uploaded — at home.”

Source: Wikileaks and Iceland MPs Propose Journalism Haven

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