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IBM Releases Power7 Processor

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Dan Jones writes “As discussed here last year, IBM has made good on its promise to release the Power7 processor (and servers) in the first half of 2010. The Power7 processor adds more cores and improved multithreading capabilities to boost the performance of servers requiring high up-time, according to Big Blue. Power7 chips will run between 3.0GHz and 4.14GHz and will come with four, six, or eight cores. The chips are being made using the 45-nm process technology. New Power7 servers (up to 64 cores for now) are said to deliver twice the performance of older Power6 systems, but are four times more energy efficient. Power7 servers will run AIX and Linux.” And reader shmG notes Intel’s release of a new Itanium server processor after two years of delays. The Power7 specs would seem to put the new Intel chip in the shade.

Source: IBM Releases Power7 Processor

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