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Paypal Reverses Payments Made To Indians

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bhagwad writes “Beginning January 28, Paypal has been reversing the payments made to any Indian provider of services. In addition, Indian users have been unable to withdraw their money to their bank accounts. As a result, a large number of Indian Paypal accounts have a negative balances running into the thousands of dollars. The worst part is that users weren’t informed beforehand — the funds were just whisked away. Indian providers have gone ballistic, with over 2,000 posts on a thread on the reversal of payments and over 700 posts on this thread about the delay in transfers. Paypal hasn’t given any explanation to this behavior other than they’re looking into it. Although Paypal claims in the above blog post that payments made for ‘Services’ are not being reversed, this is not true. All payments not made for ‘Goods’ with a shipping address have been reversed — in fact, the Paypal e-mail tells the Indian sellers to encourage their clients to lie and claim that they’re paying for goods with a shipping address instead.”

Source: Paypal Reverses Payments Made To Indians

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