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An Interview With F# Creator Don Syme

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OCatenac passes along an interview with Don Syme, chief designer of F#, which is Microsoft Research’s offering for functional programming on the .Net platform. Like Scala, which we discussed last fall, F# aims at being an optimal blend of functional and object-oriented languages. “[Q] What is the best program you’ve seen written in F#? [A] I’ve mentioned the samples from F# for Scientists, which are very compelling… For commercial impact then the uses of F# in the finance industry have been very convincing, but probably nothing beats the uses of F# to implement statistical machine learning algorithms as part of the Bing advertisement delivery machinery. … We’ve recently really focused on ensuring that programming in F# is simple and intuitive. For example, I greatly enjoyed working with a high-school student who learned F#. After a few days she was accurately modifying a solar system simulator, despite the fact she’d never programmed before. You really learn a lot by watching a student at that stage.”

Source: An Interview With F# Creator Don Syme

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