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USPTO To Review Controversial VoIP Patent

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alphadogg writes “The US Patent and Trademark Office has agreed to review a controversial patent issued in 2001 that is claimed to cover much of the technology underlying VoIP. The patent, held by a small company called C2 Communications Technologies, is one of 10 that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been trying to strike down for several years through its Patent Busting Project. On Friday, the patent office granted the EFF’s request for a re-examination. The digital civil-liberties organization argued that another applicant had submitted basically some of the same technology to the patent office before C2 did. Patent No. 6,243,373, ‘Method and apparatus for implementing a computer network/Internet telephone system,’ is credited to David L. Turock as inventor and is owned by C2, previously called Acceris Communications Technologies.”

Source: USPTO To Review Controversial VoIP Patent

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