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Studies Find Harm From Cellular and Wi-Fi Signals

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Over the years we’ve discussed the possible health risks of cellphone and other microwave radiation: studies from Israel and Sweden indicating a link between cellphone use and cancer, one from England exonerating cell towers as a cause of “microwave radiation sensitivity,” and a recent 30-year Swedish study that found no link to cancer. The question won’t go away though. Reader Artifice_Eternity writes “I’ve always tended to dismiss claims of toxicity from cell phone and Wi-Fi signals as reflecting ignorance about microwave radiation. However, this GQ article cites American and European studies going back decades that have found some level of biological harm caused by these signals. Why haven’t they gained more attention? Quoting: ‘Industry-funded studies seem to reflect the result of corporate strong-arming. Lai reviewed 350 studies and found that about half showed bioeffects from EM radiation emitted by cell phones. But when he took into consideration the funding sources for those 350 studies, the results changed dramatically. Only 25 percent of the studies paid for by the industry showed effects, compared with 75 percent of those studies that were independently funded.’”

Source: Studies Find Harm From Cellular and Wi-Fi Signals

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