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Graphene Transistors 10x Faster Than Silicon

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Asadullah Ahmad writes “IBM has created transistors made from carbon atoms, which operate at 100 gigahertz, while using a manufacturing process that is compatible with current semiconductor fabrication. With silicon close to its physical limits, graphene seems like a viable replacement until quantum computing gets to desktop. Quoting: ‘Researchers have previously made graphene transistors using laborious mechanical methods, for example by flaking off sheets of graphene from graphite; the fastest transistors made this way have reached speeds of up to 26 gigahertz. Transistors made using similar methods have not equaled these speeds.’” The other day we discussed what sounds like similar research by a group of scientists at Tohoku University; that team did not produce transistors, however.

Source: Graphene Transistors 10x Faster Than Silicon

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