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Next X-Prize — $10M For a Brain-Computer Interface

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The first X-Prize was about reaching space. Now, reader destinyland writes “This time it’s inner space, as Peter Diamandis holds a workshop at MIT discussing a $10 million X-Prize for building a brain-computer interface. This article includes video of Ray Kurzweil’s 36-minute presentation, ‘Merging the Human Brain with Its Creations,’ and MIT synthetic neuroscientist Ed Boyden also made a presentation, followed by discussion groups about Input/Output, Control, Sensory, and Learning. Besides the ability to communicate by thought, the article argues, a Brain-Computer Interface X Prize ‘will reward nothing less than a team that provides vision to the blind, new bodies to disabled people, and perhaps even a geographical ‘sixth sense’ akin to a GPS iPhone app in the brain.’”

Source: Next X-Prize — $10M For a Brain-Computer Interface

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