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The Upside of the NASA Budget

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teeks99 writes “There are a lot of articles circulating about the new changes to the NASA budget, but this one goes into some of the details. From what I’m seeing, it looks great — cutting off the big, expensive, over-budget stuff and allowing a whole bunch of important and revolutionary programs to get going: commercial space transportation; keeping the ISS going (now that we’ve finally got it up and running); working on orbital propellant storage (so someday we can go off to the far flung places); automated rendezvous and docking (allowing multiple, smaller launches, which then form into one large spacecraft in orbit). Quoting: ‘NASA is out of the business of putting people into low-earth orbit, and doesn’t see getting back in to it. The Agency now sees its role as doing interesting things with people once they get there, hence its emphasis on in-orbit construction, heavy lift capabilities, and resource harvesting hardware. Given budgetary constraints and the real issues with the Constellation program, none of that is necessarily unreasonable. ‘”

Source: The Upside of the NASA Budget

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