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Google Releases Chrome OS Tablet Concept Demo

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MojoKid writes “With all of the iPad buzz stirring up the tech world over the past couple of weeks, Chrome OS has almost been forgotten. Though Google has yet to officially release the netbook-centric operating system to the public, the company continues to keep details flowing about their forthcoming lightweight operating system. In their own response to all the recent tablet fanfare, Google decided to release some teaser shots and a demo video of the Chrome OS running on a concept tablet device. The Chromium team suggests that a screen of 5″ to 10″ is optimal for enjoying Chrome OS and of course tablets, netbooks and MIDs all fit that size class rather well. Couple a streamlined Google-based OS with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor in a design like this and the iPad could have serious competition.”

Source: Google Releases Chrome OS Tablet Concept Demo

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