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Stargate Props Going Up For Auction

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will_die writes “After all the recent auctions for Propworx‘s Battlestar Galactica props, they are now selling off 15 years of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis props. Over the next couple of months minor items will be sold off on eBay and the major items will be sold off in two live auctions. eBay auctions will consist of smaller props, most costumes, drawing and even parts of Stargates. The live auctions will contain items such as the Thor puppet, The Ark of Truth, and the only fully working Stargate. (Multiple Stargates needed for travel).” My wife will be bidding on Daniel Jackson. I wouldn’t mind a Zat gun, but at $3K–$4K, it’s a bit rich for my blood… although if the neighbor’s dog keeps getting out of his electric fence I might have no choice…

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