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Fujitsu Readies Lawsuit Over "iPad" Name

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gyrogeerloose writes “In an event eerily reminiscent of Cisco’s suit over Apple’s use of the ‘iPhone’ name, Japanese firm Fujitsu is consulting its attorneys in preparation for going to court over Apple’s use of ‘iPad’ for its latest computing device. Quoted in a New York Times story, Masahiro Yamane, director of Fujitsu’s public relations division, said ‘It’s our understanding that the name is ours.’ Fujitsu’s application to trademark the iPad name stalled because of an earlier filing by another company and the US Patent and Trademark Office listed Fujitsu’s application as abandoned in early 2009, but the company revived its application in June. Apple, which has applied for an international trademark on ‘iPad’ through a proxy company, has filed a number of requests with the US Patent Office for more time to oppose Fujitsu’s application.”

Source: Fujitsu Readies Lawsuit Over "iPad" Name

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