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Interview With the Founder of a Video Game Rehab Clinic

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Ten Ton Hammer has posted the transcript from an interview with Dr. Hilarie Cash, co-founder of the “reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program,” a relatively new clinic that deals with adults who feel that they are addicted to video games. The interview contains some.. interesting nuggets of wisdom. If you want to avoid addiction, you’d better spend less than two hours per day on online entertainment! The good news is that she doesn’t recommend beating people.
“When people come, they come for 45 days. It is only for adults; patients must be 18 or older. When they first come, they come for a minimum 2 days to be interviewed and to interview us, because we don’t want anyone there who doesn’t want to be there. So if they decide they want to be there then they stay for 45 days or longer if they choose. During that time they don’t have access to the internet. The idea is that it takes at least 30 days for the brain to make some adjustments it needs to make to get over this addiction, so the brain can begin to rewire back to normal. During that time we are helping them look at why they got addicted, what motivated their addiction and we’re assessing to see what skills they are lacking so they can be successful in their adult lives. We try to make a good start at helping to build those skills.”

Source: Interview With the Founder of a Video Game Rehab Clinic

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