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Canadian Android Carrier Forcing Firmware Update

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Wolfier writes “For wireless carrier Rogers in Canada, it seems that ‘Customer Safety’ only becomes a concern after months of neglect. Rogers is the only GSM carrier in Canada and so the only choice for Android users. Months ago, a customer called Rogers to report a firmware bug that was preventing users from making 911 calls under certain circumstances, and informed the carrier that Google had fixed the bug (recording of that call). But Rogers is only doing something about it now — namely, cutting data access of paying customers until they accept a mandatory firmware upgrade that not only fixes the 911 problem, but also contains ‘extra’ features that prevent users from ever gaining root access to their phones — even non-subsidized ones. And some phones are also getting bricked by this ‘official’ update. The moral: we really need to open up the competition here up North.”

Source: Canadian Android Carrier Forcing Firmware Update

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