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PS3 Hacked?

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Several readers have sent word that George Hotz (a.k.a. geohot), the hacker best known for unlocking Apple’s iPhone, says he has now hacked the PlayStation 3. From his blog post:
“I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I’ve also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip. 3 years, 2 months, 11 days…that’s a pretty secure system. … As far as the exploit goes, I’m not revealing it yet. The theory isn’t really patchable, but they can make implementations much harder. Also, for obvious reasons I can’t post dumps. I’m hoping to find the decryption keys and post them, but they may be embedded in hardware. Hopefully keys are setup like the iPhone’s KBAG.”

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