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NASA Prepping Plans For Flexible Path To Mars

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FleaPlus writes “A group at NASA has been formulating a ‘Flexible Path’ to Mars architecture, which many expect will be part of the soon-to-be-announced reboot of NASA’s future plans. NASA’s prior architecture spends much of its budget on creating two in-house rockets, the Ares I and V, and would yield no beyond-LEO human activity until a lunar landing sometime in the 2030s. In contrast, the Flexible Path would produce results sooner, using NASA’s limited budget to develop and gain experience with the technologies (human and robotic) needed to progressively explore and establish waypoints at Lagrange points, near-Earth asteroids, the Martian moon Phobos, Mars, and other possible locations (e.g. the Moon, Venus flyby). Suggested interim goals include constructing giant telescopes in deep space, learning how to protect Earth from asteroids, establishing in-space propellant depots, and harvesting resources/fuel from asteroids and Phobos to supply Moon/Mars-bound vehicles.”

Source: NASA Prepping Plans For Flexible Path To Mars

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