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Mozilla Tries New "Lorentz" Dev Model

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With the recent release of Firefox 3.6, Mozilla has also decided to try out a new development model dubbed “Lorentz.” A blend of both Agile and more traditional “waterfall” development models, the new methodology aims to deliver new features much more quickly while still maintaining backwards compatibility, security, and overall quality. Only time will tell if this is effective, or just another management fad. “If the new approach sounds familiar, that’s because Unix and Linux development has attempted similar kinds of release variations for iterating new features while maintaining backwards compatibility. HP-UX, for example, is currently on its HP-UX 11iv3 release, which receives updates several times a year that add incremental new functionality. The Linux 2.6.x kernel gets new releases approximately every three months, which include new features as well.”

Source: Mozilla Tries New "Lorentz" Dev Model

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