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Misa Digital Guitar Runs On Linux

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conner_bw writes “Imagine strumming a guitar without any strings, on a touchscreen. Think the idea is too far-fetched? The Misa digital guitar claims to be exactly this. Overcoming the natural limitations of a traditional guitar, this new instrument eliminates the need to pluck strings while using the right hand to control sound. Specs: Linux kernel 2.6.31 (Gentoo); 24 frets; touchscreen; MIDI out; RJ-45 Ethernet. My favourite parts of the site are the FAQ (How do you SSH into the guitar?), and this quote from the developer: ‘Because the software is open source I’m hoping people completely change the instrument and share new “firmware” with others. Different graphics, different control ideas etc. It would all be free of charge. So I’m hoping that happens as the instrument becomes more familiar.’” The developer, Michael, has not yet promised a delivery date or set a price for the instruments he is manufacturing.

Source: Misa Digital Guitar Runs On Linux

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