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Who’s Controlling Our Vital Information Systems?

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HangingChad writes “Gary Lyndaker talks about Janine Wedel’s Shadow Elite; about how our information infrastructure is increasingly being sold off to the low bidder. Contracting in state and federal government is rampant, leaving more and more of our nation’s vital information in the hands of contractors, many of whom have their own agenda and set of rules. From the article: ‘Over 25 years, as an information systems developer, manager, and administrator in both state and private organizations, I have increasingly come to the conclusion that we are putting our state’s operations at risk and compromising the trust of the people of our state by outsourcing core government functions.’ I’ve seen the same thing in my years in government IT, ironically much of it as a contractor. My opinion is this is a dangerous trend that needs to be reversed. We’re being fleeced while being put at risk.”

Source: Who’s Controlling Our Vital Information Systems?

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