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FTL Currents May Power Pulsar Beams

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thomst passes along news out of the recent AAAS meeting of a new explanation for pulsar beams that involves faster-than-light currents. Here are Los Alamos’s press release and three related papers on the arXiv. “The new model explains the beam emissions from pulsars as products of superluminal currents within the spinning neutron stars’ atmospheres. According to the authors’ model, the current generated is, itself, faster than light, although the particles that compose it never individually exceed the universal speed limit, thereby preventing Einsteinian post-mortem rotation. The new model is a general explanation of the phenomenon of pulsar beam emissions that explains emissions at all observed frequencies (and different pulsars emit everything from radio waves to x-rays), which no previous model has done.”

Source: FTL Currents May Power Pulsar Beams

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