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The Weird Science of Tossing Stones Into a Lake

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Interoperable writes “Researchers in Spain and the Netherlands add another piece to a centuries-old puzzle in physics: the dynamics of an object falling into water. This common occurrence has a complex anatomy that includes a thin ‘crown splash’ around the perimeter of the impact, a deep cavity of air following the impactor, and a high, narrow jet of water that results from the collapse of the cavity. The new research, recently published in Physical Review Letters, demonstrates that airflow through the neck of the collapsing cavity reaches supersonic speeds despite low relative pressures between the air in the cavity and ambient pressure. Such an effect has no analogue in aerospace engineering or other sciences because of the highly dynamic nature of the collapsing nozzle structure.” It’s funny that the APS wants to charge non-subscribers $25 to download what is available for free on the arXiv.

Source: The Weird Science of Tossing Stones Into a Lake

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