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Is Gawker’s "Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt" Illegal?

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theodp writes “Not too surprisingly, Apple was not amused by Valleywag’s announcement of an Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, which offered cash prizes ranging from 10K-100K for info about the much-anticipated new Apple device. The promo prompted a threatening cease-and-desist letter from Apple’s lawyers, which Valleywag deemed the most concrete evidence yet that there may indeed be a tablet in the works. But is the Scavenger Hunt really illegal, as the attorney claimed? The jury’s still out, but Slate concludes Apple’s got a pretty good case, although it notes that Valleywag’s unconventional Scavenger Hunt ’stunt’ may not really be all that different from ‘reporting’ practiced by mainstream publications like the WSJ.”

Source: Is Gawker’s "Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt" Illegal?

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