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Why Counter-Terrorism Is In Shambles

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Early last week several questions were submitted to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern about the sad state of counter-terrorism in the United States and he has answered frankly, and in-depth. In addition, McGovern also solicited former FBI attorney/special agent Coleen Rowley to review his answers and provide her own comments. Ray’s largest advice to the intelligence community was to “HOLD ACCOUNTABLE THOSE RESPONSIBLE. More ‘reform’ is the last thing we need. Sorry, but we DO have to look back. The most effective step would be to release the CIA Inspector General report on intelligence community performance prior to 9/11. That investigation was run by, and its report was prepared by an honest man, it turns out. It was immediately suppressed by then-Acting DCI John McLaughlin — another Tenet clone — and McLaughin’s successors as director, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, and now Leon Panetta.”

Source: Why Counter-Terrorism Is In Shambles

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