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Adding Up the Explanations For ACTA’s "Shameful Secret"

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Several sources are reporting on a Google event this week that attempted to bring some transparency to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) that has so far been treated like a “shameful secret.” Unfortunately, not many concrete details were uncovered so Ars tried to lay out why there has been so much secrecy especially from an administration that has been preaching transparency. “The reason for that was obvious: there’s little of substance that’s known about the treaty, and those lawyers in the room and on the panel who had seen one small part of it were under a nondisclosure agreement. In most contexts, the lack of any hard information might lead to a discussion of mind-numbing generality and irrelevance, but this transparency talk was quite fascinating—in large part because one of the most influential copyright lobbyists in Washington was on the panel attempting to make his case. [...] [MPAA/RIAA Champion Steven] Metalitz took on three other panelists and a moderator, all of whom were less than sympathetic to his positions, and he made the lengthiest case for both ACTA and its secrecy that we have ever heard. It was also surprisingly unconvincing.”

Source: Adding Up the Explanations For ACTA’s "Shameful Secret"

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