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DynDNS.com Acquires EveryDNS

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funfail writes in with the news that, five days ago, EveryDNS was sold to DynDNS.com. From the announcement and e-mail from EveryDNS’s founder, David Ulevitch: “Since starting EveryDNS in June of 2001 while a freshman in college, my goal has always been to provide simple, reliable and secure DNS services to the Internet community. I’m proud to say that we’ve lived up to that mission and delivered robust DNS services to over 400,000 domains. Nearly 9 years later, it’s now time to put the service in more capable hands and I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a great home for EveryDNS. I have sold the EveryDNS service to Dyn Inc., the operators of the immensely popular DynDNS.com service.” EveryDNS has been one of the most popular free (or one-time donation) DNS suppliers. From the FAQ at the link above: “Will the service remain free? While we don’t 100% have the answer to that yet, we will not be making any changes to the service you are currently receiving for the foreseeable future. We will be discontinuing signups in the near future but existing accounts will remain active and fully functional.”

Source: DynDNS.com Acquires EveryDNS

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