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Google Seeking Patent On Ads For Street View

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theodp writes “CNET reports that Google is ‘musing’ about placing ads in Street View. The search giant reportedly floated the idea in a presentation to marketing and ad agency types in Europe a few months back. So will virtual billboards be popping up in Google Street View? A Google rep said the company had no current plans to put ads in Street View, but you might want to take that with a grain of salt. On Thursday, the USPTO revealed that Google is seeking patent protection for Claiming Real Estate in Panoramic or 3D Mapping Environments for Advertising. From the patent application: ‘The street view display server can locate an ad image within the image database and overlay the region of interest with the associated ad image.’ Connect the dots, and it sure sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Selling the Brooklyn Bridge is a pretty good scam — selling a view of it is even better!”

Source: Google Seeking Patent On Ads For Street View

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