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Hot or Not — 3D TV

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Several sources have written to tell us that in terms of hype at this year’s CES show there is none bigger than that surrounding 3D TV. Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba all have their own flavors of hardware and ESPN announced a 3D sports channel, but Microsoft seems to be bucking the trend with their apparent lack of 3D interest surrounding the Xbox product. “We’re yet to see any major brand at CES pushing a 3D TV that doesn’t require them. In most cases these aren’t the basic Ray Ban style you might have worn to watch Avatar. In many cases they’ll actually require power. For example, Sony’s 3D TVs use a “frame sequential”display method, which involves active-shutter glasses that turn on and off in sync with the images. Some TVS come with the glasses and have the transmitter built in, but again, in some cases you’ll need to buy the transmitter and glasses separately.”

Source: Hot or Not — 3D TV

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