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Court Unfriendly To FCC’s Internet Slap At Comcast

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Federal Judges have been harsh in their examination of the FCC’s action against Comcast in 2008 for throttling of internet traffic from high-bandwidth file-sharing services. “‘You can’t get an unbridled, roving commission to go about doing good,’ said U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Chief Judge David Sentelle during an oral argument. The three-judge panel grilled FCC General Counsel Austin Schlick on the parts of communications law it could cite to justify the Comcast punishment. The FCC argues that it was enforcing an open Internet policy implicit in the law. Judge A. Raymond Randolph repeatedly said the legal provisions cited by the FCC were mere policy statements that by themselves can’t justify the commission’s action. ‘You have yet to identify a specific statute,’ he said. The judges’ decision in the case could throw into question the FCC’s authority to impose open Internet rules.”

Source: Court Unfriendly To FCC’s Internet Slap At Comcast

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