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Is Getting Acquired Good For FOSS Projects?

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ruphus13 writes “While open source companies are legion, their acquisitions by proprietary source companies may cause concern for the viability of projects. Can a FOSS project ‘survive’ an acquisition? According to the article posing that question: ‘One has to ask, though, how healthy it is for increasingly important open-source platforms and applications to come under the wing of huge, proprietary software companies. Probably the best example to cite on that topic is the ongoing car crash that is Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems…Sun Micrososytems is one of only three big, US public companies focused almost entirely on open source. If it gets swallowed up, that will leave just Red Hat and Novell. Open-source pundits are predicting that small, promising open-source players will be snapped up by bigger fish this year. And Google’s relationship to Android gets ever murkier as it sinks its commercial hooks deeper into the platform, billing its own offerings as superphones relative to other Android phones.’”

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