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Google’s Nexus One Phone Launches

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The press conference at the Googleplex is over and Google’s Nexus One phone has launched (official Google blog announcement). The NY Times confirms the bare details: manufactured by HTC; $529 unlocked, $179 with 2-year T-Mobile contract; coming to Verizon in the US, and Vodaphone in Europe, in “Spring 2010.” The Times notes one desirable feature: “[Google] has also voice-enabled all text boxes in the device, so a user can speak into the device to, for instance, compose an e-mail, rather than type the text of the email.” Walt Mossberg points out one limitation: “On the Nexus One, only 190 megabytes of its total 4.5 gigabytes of memory is allowed for storing apps. On the $199 iPhone, nearly all of the 16 gigabytes of memory can be used for apps.” No answers yet to the obvious questions: can it tether on T-Mobile? Will it allow VoIP?

Source: Google’s Nexus One Phone Launches

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