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Best Buy $39.95 "Optimization" At Best a Waste of Money

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DCFC writes “The Consumerist deconstructs the appalling “optimization service” that Best Buy has been pushing on consumers in recent weeks. The retailer charges 40 bucks to give you a slower PC, and make bizarre claims that it makes it go 200% faster. ‘We ran the 3DMark 2003 graphics benchmark on each laptop, comparing optimized and non-optimized settings. For two of our samples, the Gateway and Toshiba, performance changes were negligible. On the Asus laptop, however, optimized tests actually scored about 32% worse than the non-optimized setup. We have been unable to isolate the source of this performance change. On none of the three tested laptops did the optimized settings give a performance boost in our test.’”

Source: Best Buy $39.95 "Optimization" At Best a Waste of Money

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