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An Inside Look At Warhammer Online’s Server Setup

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An article at Gamasutra provides some details on the hardware Mythic uses to power Warhammer Online, courtesy of Chief Technical Officer Matt Shaw and Online Technical Director Andrew Mann. Quoting:
“At any given time, approximately 2,000 servers are in operation, supporting the gameplay in WAR. Matt Shaw commented, ‘What we call a server to the user, that main server is actually a cluster of a number of machines. Our Server Farm in Virginia, for example,’ Mann said, ‘has about 60 Dell Blade chassis running Warhammer Online — each hosting up to 16 servers. All in all, we have about 700 servers in operation at this location.’ … ‘We use blade architecture heavily for Warhammer Online,’ Mann noted. ‘Almost every server that we deploy is a blade system. We don’t use virtualization; our software is somewhat virtualized itself. We’ve always had the technology to run our game world across several pieces of hardware. It’s application-layer clustering at a process level. Virtualization wouldn’t gain us much because we already run very close to peak CPU usage on these systems.’ … The normalized server configuration — in use across all of the Mythic-managed facilities — features dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors running at 3 GHz with 8 GB of RAM.”

Source: An Inside Look At Warhammer Online’s Server Setup

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