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Graphic Novelist Calls For Better Game Violence

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eldavojohn writes Landry Walker (alternative comics creator of X-Ray Studios) has a brief opinion piece at Elder Geek asserting that all he wants for Christmas is more realistic game violence. While he acknowledges the world probably isn’t ready for it, he wishes that getting shot in a video game was a bit more like getting shot in real life. From his piece: ‘… that’s my problem with video game violence. Bullets are something we shrug off. Point blank fire with a machine gun is something that a tiny bit of flexible body armor and 20 seconds sitting on a magic invisibility inducing gargoyle can cure. Time and time again, I’ve heard people claim that they want to see a greater degree of realism in video games. But that’s a lie. We don’t want realism. We want fantasy. We want unlimited ammo and we want rapid respawns. We want to jump out of second story windows without a scratch. We want to dodge bullets and shake off mortal wounds without pause.’ What say you, reader? Would this bring a new level of impossibility to video games or would there be a way to balance this out?”

Source: Graphic Novelist Calls For Better Game Violence

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