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North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due To Core Flux

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National Geographic is reporting that the migration of Earth’s magnetic pole has accelerated again and is now racing in Russia’s direction at a blazing 40 miles per year. This movement began in earnest around 1904 at about 9 miles per year and has been accelerating since. “Geologists think Earth has a magnetic field because the core is made up of a solid iron center surrounded by rapidly spinning liquid rock. This creates a “dynamo” that drives our magnetic field. Scientists had long suspected that, since the molten core is constantly moving, changes in its magnetism might be affecting the surface location of magnetic north. Although the new research seems to back up this idea, Chulliat is not ready to say whether magnetic north will eventually cross into Russia. ‘It’s too difficult to forecast,’ Chulliat said. Also, nobody knows when another change in the core might pop up elsewhere, sending magnetic north wandering in a new direction.”

Source: North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due To Core Flux

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