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The Secret Lives of Amazon’s Elves

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theodp writes “If Amazon is Santa, says Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson, then the 400 folks living in RVs outside the Coffeyville, KS fulfillment center at Christmas time are the elves. Amazon didn’t always lure in ‘workcampers’ from the RV community with the promise of free campgrounds and $10.50-$11 an hour seasonal jobs. ‘Amazon had a bad experience busing in people from Tulsa,’ explained tech nomad Chris Dunphy. ‘There was a lot of theft and a lot of people who weren’t really serious.’ Workers from Tulsa were adding a 4-hour round-trip commute to a grueling 10-to-12 hour shift, Cherie Ve Ard added. ‘They’d get there exhausted.’ The work wasn’t exactly what Cherie had envisioned.”

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