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Man Tries To Use Explosive Device On US Flight

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reporter writes with news that a Nigerian man allegedly attempted to set off a small explosive device — possibly a firecracker — on a Delta Airbus 330 airliner bound for Detroit yesterday. “There was a pop and then smoke wafted through the cabin. A passenger then climbed over several seats, lunged across the aisle and managed to subdue the suspect, the eyewitnesses said. The Nigerian man was placed in a headlock before being dragged up to the first class cabin. Passenger Zeina Seagal told CNN that after the suspect was collared and parts of his burning pants were removed, flight attendants quickly grabbed fire extinguishers and doused the fire at his seat.” The man has claimed links to al-Qaeda, though the investigation hasn’t confirmed that yet. (They’re not taking anything for granted given that his pants were literally on fire.)

Source: Man Tries To Use Explosive Device On US Flight

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