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Why Bite the Google Hand That Feeds You?

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Techdirt pointed out that not long ago John Byrne, ex-editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.com and now CEO of newly founded C-Change Media, decided to tackle the problem of why publications seem to be so vehemently opposed to Google being a part of their business process. While there aren’t any earth-shattering revelations it is a great succinct description of the problem. “I received several solid answers from followers of this blog, including Frymaster who immediately took sides in the ongoing war between Traditional Media and Google. Wrote Frymaster: ‘I reject out-of-hand the assertion that Google is profiting from others’ content. Rather, I say that Google profits from connecting users to content. It is a service that most web publishers appreciate greatly. Google, unlike any other search engine ever, goes to great pains to deliver the least-skewed results possible. Google is constantly on the hunt for people who game their system. That’s why they succeed.There is a direct connection between Google’s user-centric, community-oriented approach and their financial success.’”

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