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Holiday E-Commerce DDoS Attack Hits EC2 Cloud

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ARos writes “A holiday DDoS attack targeted a west-coast DNS provider, which is known for serving large-scale E-Commerce sites (including amazon.com and walmart.com). ‘Neustar, which provides DNS services to high profile website addresses under the UltraDNS brand, said the flood of malicious traffic, just two days before Christmas, was directed at the company’s facilities in San Jose and Palo Alto, and that the effects were mostly limited to California users.’ CNet adds: ‘In addition to the high-profile sites, dozens of smaller sites that rely upon Amazon for Web-hosting services were also taken down by the attack. Amazon’s S3 and EC2 services were affected by the problems, according to Jeff Barr, Amazon’s lead Web Evangelist, who retweeted a report to that effect without clarification and confirmed it in later tweets.’”

Source: Holiday E-Commerce DDoS Attack Hits EC2 Cloud

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