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CherryPal’s $99 "Odd Lots" Netbook

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Robotech_Master writes CherryPal, which Slashdot last covered back in 2008, has released a $99 netbook, the Africa, aimed at the developing world but (unlike the OLPC) available for sale to the consumer. But unlike most netbooks, the Africa is not actually made to a set design. Instead, it uses a hacker-like approach similar to the way home PC builders build their cheap beige boxes. CherryPal purchases odd lots of whatever components are available most inexpensively, builds netbooks out of them, and calls them Africas. The resulting machines will at least meet and may exceed the minimum specs given on CherryPal’s website, and may be built around an ARM, MIPS, or X86-based CPU depending on what parts CherryPal has on hand at the time. The device ships with ‘at least’ Windows CE or CherryPal’s custom ‘Green Maraschino’ Debian-based Linux distro.”

Source: CherryPal’s $99 "Odd Lots" Netbook

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